Rachel Wright
Tree of Life For Animals (TOLFA)

Rachel Wright has always had a deep connection to all animals. From a young age, injured animals naturally seemed to find their way to Rachel and her deep gratitude for the unconditional love and support that she received from her own animals inspired her to train in an animal wellness vocation.

Rachel has worked as a veterinary nurse for many years and, in 2005, founded TOLFA Tree Of Life For Animals. Through TOLFA Rachel has been able to create a strong animal birth control and rabies program, despite staff and funding limitations, and the number of animals being admitted to the hospital.

She has created a system for her community that allows for smooth animal rescue and treatment for anyone in the community affected by a rabies bite to get treatment. The community now works with her to alert her of animals needing treatment instead of her team having to go out and find them.

Rachel's rabies drives have been so effective in her community that in 2017 the incidence of bites dropped down to none.

She has won numerous international awards for her work including:

• Two-time Veterinary Nurse of the Year from Ceva Animal Welfare Awards
• The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons International Honors Award
• MSD Animal Health – Rabies Hero Award
• Global Alliance for Rabies Control Award
• In addition, TOLFA has also won awards from the local community

Rachel has studied all levels of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki with SARA Director Alison McKinnon and TOLFA is one of SARA’s first international organization members.

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