Letting Animals Lead Conference

Below you will find links to all the speaker session recordings, their bonus interviews and the rough transcripts.

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Module 1 Letting Animals Lead Conference Sessions
Session 1 Helping Animals through Compassionate Conservation with Marc Bekoff, PhD
Session 2 The Bond Between Animals and Children and Why It's Important for Mental Health with Dr. Brinda Jegatheesan
Session 3 How to Listen to What the Animals Are Telling Us with Dr. Cara Gubbins
Session 4 How an Optimal Diet Can Help Prevent Disease in Animals with Dr. Gary Richter
Session 5 A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Veterinary Practice with Dr. Marc Malek and Dr. Sally Lane
Session 6 Compassionate Food Choices Made Easy with Victoria Moran
Session 7 Rethinking our Relationship with Farmed Animals with Kathy Stevens
Session 8 Preserving Our National Treasures: Wild Mustangs and Burros with Neda DeMayo
Session 9 Animal Advocacy in India: Providing Care for the Most Vulnerable with Rachel Wright
Session 10 A Compassionate Prayer for All Animals and Beings with Reverend William Melton
Session 11 How Letting Animals Lead Their Reiki Sessions Helps Them Heal with Kathleen Prasad
Session 12 Supporting Animals with Mindfulness and Meditation with David Michie
Session 13 How Treating Animals as Sacred Beings Creates Balance in Our World with Gay Bradshaw
Session 14 Hospice with Animals with Gail Pope
Session 15 Closing Session - Wrap Up and Q&A with Some of the Speakers
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